Mini “Qulatello”

The “Miniculatello” (also called “fiocco”) is produced using the same part of the thigh, accurately selected, from which the traditional Culatello is obtained after a first cut; then, from the rear cut, the “MiniCulatello” is achieved. The operating procedure is the same as the Culatello with rind, but it is distinguished from the latter because of the smaller size of the piece of meat; the “MiniQulatello” requires a shorter curing time although, once again, what is important is the processing experience and most of all the microclimate of the place where it is cured, typical of the mountains and only influenced by the currents of the river. All this leads to the development of its unique taste and fragrance. The “MiniQulatello” is a great gift idea in its premium package, and it is fantastic for a gourmet starter but also healthy and tasty for a practical (due to its small size) snack.