• Production Process

    The boneless portion of fresh leg is salted, cured at a controlled temperature and moisture and, after curing, the edible part is covered with stucco and stored in a cell at a controlled temperature. Packed with gold foil and net, 3 pieces per box or, in the gift version, in a hexagonal box containing 1 piece. 4 hexagonal boxes per carton.

  • Sensory Characteristics

    Colour of muscle mass when cut: uniform red, fat when cut:white. Taste: mild and delicate. Smell: intense and distinctive.

  • Indications for use

    Store in a cool dry place: max temperature + 22°C (Culatello in stucco); temperature below + 10°C (vacuum-packed Culatello). Shelf life: 360 days (Culatello in stucco); 180 days (vacuum-packed Culatello). Does not contain allergens. GMOs: there are no ingredients originating in whole or in part from genetically modified organisms.

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The best of the cured versions, in its most modern variation, it produced by using the same part of the leg, carefully selected, from which also the traditional Culatello is obtained. It is distinguished from the latter for the processing, where the rind is kept for the entire duration of the curing: in this way, an incredibly mild taste and a softer and more delicate texture is achieved. The meat is expertly salted without the use of colourants and preservatives and cured in favour of a suitable microclimate influenced by the altitude and by the valley of the river Panaro, thus ensuring maximum authenticity, the best quality possible with excellent performance both regarding the visual impact and its use for its splendid circular shape.

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