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Cured Prosciutto

The core business of Casa Montorsi. All the skills gained by experience, all the care of enthusiastic experts, all the flavours of tradition, a wide range of cured ham to satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates.  Each Casa Montorsi prosciutto includes a history of perfect balance between:

  • wise and careful selection of fresh thighs;
  • the microclimate of the hilly and mountainous areas (where our factories are), where the prosciutto rests during curing;
  • the Salting, an essential part of curing, which determines the character and flavour of the prosciutto;
  • the expertise of the process which gives it a pleasant shape.                                                                               

Raw-cured prosciutto is available in different shapes and types: whole, boneless, pressed and washed, trimmed, with bone, stuccoed, with black pepper, with red chilli, reserve, Gran Riserva, half, piece, chunk, high cut, slab, all delicacies to savour.

  • Il Gran Crudo di Vignola
  • Real Consorzio
  • Parma
  • San Daniele
  • Gran Ducato
  • Primamore
  • Prontofetta